iSBEM Android App Available for Free Download now

Furthermore, the free app gives the user access to many cost and time saving features namely collecting data, capturing images of building & its services and even allowing to save the data on the Android device for convenient retrieval. Thus the user can truly avail most benefits the App offers for free

The intelligently designed iSBEM App also features an unique and extremely useful function whereby the data collected either partially or in full, can be exported by the user in .NCT format. This .NCT format can then be opened in a compatible version of iSBEM software, thus avoiding/ minimising data collection using pen and paper and this execise doubling up as data entry directly into iSBEM bringing in huge cost and time benefits to the user.

Only a small charge allows the users to fully benefit from this intelligent export feature as well, please see convenient pricing plan underneath.

How Exports Work?

iSBEM Process

How to buy Export credits?

First time user:

  1. Register your details using a short form on, Login page and select, ‘Don't have an account? link
  2. Upon clicking fill out a short registration form and click ‘Register’
  3. This will trigger an email to your registered Email ID, which will contain an ‘Activation link’ and your username and chosen password
  4. Access your email and click on the Activation link, which will activate your account and allow to login

Registered user:

  1. Login to you account using the login and password selected during activation process.
  2. Once ‘logged on’ the user will be taken to ‘Transactions’ page First time user is required to fill out a short form in order to register on to create their account.
  3. Thereafter the user can use the login page to access their pages and purchase export credits as required

Pricing Plans

Export Credits
Charges per Export
Export Credits
Charges per Export
Export Credits
Charges per Export
Purchase Export Credits